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Hello fellow eaters!

Over the Christmas holiday, I spent some time with my family. We ate. We drank. We were merry (some knights more than others!).

We got to talking about sharing recipes, and since there's quite a bit of physical distance between most branches of our family tree, I mentioned being willing to post recipes on my food blog for all to see.

Well, it turns out I lost my food blog about a year and a half ago... I actually don't even remember what I named it, and there was maybe one article on it anyhow. So here goes round two...

The premature New Year's resolution here is that I will post at LEAST once a month. If you have a recipe you think is worthy of Sir John's gullet, send it to me. I will then judge you personally based on the quality of your food, grammar, and penmanship (or keyboardmanship), and post if I think you're worth anything at all.

Also, I might make your recipe and thank you for it.

I will end every post
By giving a toast.
They usually rhyme,
But not every time.
So here is my wish:
Eat steak more than fish.
Now, hold up your beer
and eat well this year!

-Sir John

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